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Jun 13, 2013
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LG G6 with its almost edge-to-edge display packs a ton of features to enjoy! In the video below, I walk you through some of the best tips and tricks to master your G6!

Quick launch camera

Double press the volume down key twice to quickly launch your camera when the phone is locked.

To configure this setting, navigate to:

Settings->Shortcut keys

Quick launch notes

Double press the volume up key twice to quickly launch the QuickMemo app when the phone is locked.

To configure this setting, navigate to:

Settings->Shortcut keys

Make sure you have the LG QuickMemo app installed though for this shortcut to work.

Double tap to wake

To quickly glance your notifications on the lock screen when the screen is off, simply double tap to wake up the screen and double tap again to turn the screen off.

Lock screen shortcuts

With G6, you can add up to 5 app shortcuts to the dock on the lock screen. To manage lock screen shortcuts, navigate to:

Settings->Lock screen->Shortcuts


Lock screen collage wallpapers

Instead of a single wallpaper, you can set a collage of wallpapers for your G6 lock screen. To set this option, navigate to:

Settings->Lock screen->Wallpaper


Tap the Collage Wallpapers option and either select the default wallpaper setup or a set of photos from your gallery.

Always-on display

G6 supports Always-on display which displays time and the content you choose when the screen is off. To configure this Always-on display, navigate to:



Turn on the Always-on display and then tap on the option to configure various other settings such as the content to show, your signature and a timeout schedule.

Home screen options

With the G6, you can choose to either have your home screen with or without an app drawer. To configure this setting, navigate to:

Settings->Home screen->Select Home


Here you can select your desired configuration and also choose any custom home screens you have installed as well.

Move all apps icon in the dock

Here is a cool tip. If you have the home screen with the app drawer, you will notice the All Apps icon in the dock. It is positioned in the center by default. However, you can move the All Apps icon to your desired location in the dock if you do not like its default position.

Home screen swipe effects

You can apply some cool swipe effects to your home screens. To do so, navigate to:

Settings->Home screen->Screen swipe effect


Here you can select your favorite swipe effect from the list of available effects.

Home screen gestures

Your G6 home screen supports few gestures.

  • Long press to add apps, widgets, and wallpaper to your home screen.
  • Pinch in to add, remove and set default home screen.
  • Pinch out to hide all of the home screen content and just view the wallpaper.

Home screen looping

With the home screen looping enabled you can loop back to the first screen after the last screen when scrolling home screens. To enable this option, navigate to:

Settings->Home screen

Check the Allow Home screen looping.

Customizing navigation buttons

You can customize, add, remove and re-arrange the G6 navigation buttons. Along with the usual back, home, and recents key, you can also add the notification slide, screenshot capture and LG QSlide keys to the navigation dock. To manage the navigation buttons, go to:

Settings->Display->Home touch buttons->Button combinations


You can also choose a background color, either White or Black.

Settings->Display->Home touch buttons->Color

Volume slider in the notification panel

You can add a volume slider to your notification panel. To do, swipe down twice to reveal the notification panel, click Edit. Then tap on the three dotted menu on the top right and select the Volume.


Test G6 hardware

Sometimes hardware fails. It is always better to have something that we can test to ensure things are working the way they should. Luckily, the G6 provides a way to test your hardware and ensure the key components are working as expected. To access this, navigate to:

Settings->Smart cleaning

Tap on the Test hardware button and choose either all or a particular hardware component to test.


Turn on Ringtone IDs

You can let the G6 create unique ringtones based on the phone number that is calling you. To enable this option, navigate to:

Settings->Sound->Ringtone ID

Party on with the in-built FM Radio

G6 has inbuilt support for FM Radio! Plug-in your headphones (yes, it has a headphone jack too!) and open the FM Radio app from your app drawer to tune in and listen to FM radio stations.


Cast your screen with Chromecast or Miracast devices

You can easily cast your screen to Chromecast or Miracast devices. Just swipe down the notification panel twice and tap on the Screen sharing to scan and select your device.

Smart Settings

With the Smart Settings, you are able to configure specific settings like the sound profile, bluetooth connectivity etc., based on the location and device you are connected to. To configure this setting, navigate to:

Settings->Smart settings


Lock your photos in the Gallery app

You can select one or more photos in your gallery app and lock it in a secure way so those photos don't show up in the gallery app. You will need to either unlock with your fingerprint or your PIN to view these locked photos in the gallery app.

Multi-window mode

As the G6 is running Android 7.0, it supports multi-window mode where you can have two apps on the same screen. To enable this mode, within an app, long press the recents key and it will automatically switch to the multi-window mode.

What are your favorite G6 features and tips? Share them in the comments below!

If you are interested in more tips and tricks videos, make sure you are also subscribed to my YouTube channel.
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Oct 11, 2012
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you know, I keep reading that, but I use quick memo and haven't had any battery life issues . . unless people think 4-1/2 hours of screen on time isn't enough . ..


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Jun 30, 2016
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you know, I keep reading that, but I use quick memo and haven't had any battery life issues . . unless people think 4-1/2 hours of screen on time isn't enough . ..
I would consider 4 1/2 hours not enough. 6 1/2 hours is my sweet spot with quick memo uninstalled.

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