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    I recently upgraded to Samsung S8 on Verizon after having Droid Turbo. I have been looking around the internet but all the help was about if you had an iPhone and you switched and can't get messages. So I want to clear that up now.

    First off, I noticed this issue when I checked my contact history on the Drupe app. I noticed there was a text from someone that never showed up on my messaging apps. I use Handcent for SMS/MMS. I checked the Verizon msgs and the Samsung msgs app and the text was not there. This is very strange as the app knows I got a text but the messaging apps don't recognize it at all. I don't seem to have an issue sending as no one as complained about not receiving a text from me. What's also weird is that this does not always happen and not with every one of my contacts I text regularly. I have had Handcent before and it's never been an issue. Not sure though if it is an app or the phone. My mother is on the same plan and she has not had any issues so I want to rule out Verizon as the culprit. Any help, suggestions? Thanks
    07-14-2017 02:55 PM
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    You are definitely not the only one. I am on US Cellular and started missing texts a few weeks ago. USCC says it's a Samsung issue on the S8. Per your post I installed Drupe and found the same as you. At least now I can see if I missed a text but I've been calling them almost daily for over a week now pushing to get something done.
    08-25-2017 06:56 PM

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