1. upintheair2's Avatar
    It has bothered me for a while, but I've just created an account to ask this question because I can't find the answer anywhere else...

    Where does one go to make a feature request for Android? It seems to me that an OS with the global reach of Android should provide--at the very least--the capital city of each country of the world in its list of locations / time zones. Else one ends up with 'location' names that do not reflect reality... For example, I'm in Solomon Islands, but I can't choose Honiara as my location / time zone, so I have to go with something like Noumea, New Caledonia or Vladivostok, Russia. Nothing against those places--people live there, too--but it would be nice to be able to choose the place where I actually live. Any clues as to where to let the good people at Google / Android know about this? Thanks!
    09-15-2017 03:30 PM
  2. anon(238680)'s Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central. I'm fairly certain that isn't an Android thing, but controlled by whatever world wide commission determined where those areas are, and then created the database that you see. Every time zone picker I've seen has looked the same, that was long before Android. They make that data available, but no way do they control the database.
    09-15-2017 03:43 PM

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