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    I have signed up for a trial of Amazon Cloud Drive and want to use some of the storage for photos. I've installed the "Prime Photos From Amazon" app on multiple Android devices (OnePlus One, Galaxy S7, Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus) and in all cases I can sign in and see photos fine. The problem is that there is no search function. In the screenshots in the Play Store there's a little magnifying glass and lots of other places refer to this option. On all my devices (which use different Google accounts, in case that matters) the app simply doesn't have the magnifying glass. Just for fun, I tried installing it on an iPad belonging to a friend and the same problem occurs.

    So... what I'm wondering is if there are any Amazon Prime Photos users with the Android app installed who can open it and verify that they see the magnifying glass and can search their photos. The only explanation I can think of is that the feature was there and Amazon removed it, but then I'd expect users to be screaming for it to be reinstated.

    Any help would be great... TIA
    11-02-2017 09:35 AM

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