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    I'm sure this question has been asked many times, I'm just wondering if there's a solution to it. I'm not that desperate to find a solution since I don't send videos that much but it would be nice to know!

    About a couple days ago I recorded a video of my niece and nephew and thought it would be nice to send to my dad. It was a bit long so of course I had to cut the video down but when sent the quality is just completely lowered. It looks so bad...(My dad still enjoyed it though, he really doesn't care haha.)
    The current quality setting it's on is FHD. I'm not sure if it'd make it any better or worse if I set it to FHD (60 fps) or QHD/UHD ...
    I'm using a Galaxy S8 on Sprint.

    Besides that...Would this make any difference on Snapchat? Or would the quality just stay looking pixel-y to Iphone users?
    11-09-2017 02:26 AM
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    Sending a video through any messaging service (SMS, WhatsApp, etc) will always look bad because
    - SMS data is restricted by all the carriers, often down to 600 KB
    - instant messaging apps will compress the data because data transmissions are expensive

    iPhone users have less of a problem because Apple eats the cost of the data transmission in the iMessage app.

    For everyone else, you need to host the movie on a file sharing site then send its URL in the message.

    Using Snapchat story or Instagram story might help some since this is what they were made for, but you will need to test it for yourself.
    11-09-2017 06:36 PM

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