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    Hi, I have been out of Android world for a while and at some point I got disconnected from reviews and specs. I would like to come back, but something I need to clarify is that I am not a heavy user anymore.

    Right now I am between:
    -Samsung - J5 PRO (2017)
    -Samsung - A5 (2017)

    My use is mainly social media, music, YouTube, WebBrowser, etc. no games, photos are important but occasional, so I dont need the best. So based on that, probably the J's could be enough.

    During my research, I also went to see the Motorolas. X4 and G5s plus although the prices are high because I can not get a deal on those. (I am buying outside USA). And the size and design are kind of big for me.

    I want to keep my phone for a couple of years, reason why I left out the J and A primes, to at least have one more update on the 2017 models.

    Currently I have a iPhone 5S and I want something with bigger screen.

    What do you think, could you please advise and also explain me a little bit what would be the ideal mid-range phone ?

    12-02-2017 10:47 PM

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