1. Android Central Question's Avatar
    Using the Google pixel 2, latest updates and all that on both phone and the app.
    Feeling as though I've tried everything including searching through forums, thought I'd ask here.

    So, I'm not getting any notifications through what's app (sound or vibrate), except the pop up on screen floating reply box thing.

    Many thanks in advance x
    12-31-2017 05:12 AM
  2. djrakowski's Avatar
    There are a few settings that could affect WhatsApp notifications. First, open WhatsApp and go into Settings (under the three-dot menu on the upper right), then Notifications and make sure your notification settings are correct.

    Then go to your phone's settings, then Apps. Scroll down to WhatsApp, then tap Notifications and ensure they're not being blocked or shown silently. If you want to receive notifications even when your phone is in priority mode, enable the Priority setting as well.
    12-31-2017 06:45 AM

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