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    As many here have mentioned, my phone stays on all day, running my battery down, decreasing the life of the screen and making the phone heat up. But worse than that, my Note 4 somehow keeps dialing 9-1-1 while in my pocket. I was using the fingerprint security, and am not sure how it gets around that to do ANY function, but apparently it does. This is the sixth time it has done that this morning.
    There used to be a soft toggle in the menu that allowed for turning it off. I guess it's the American way: "If it's not broken, fix it until it is!" and, "No, you're going to do it my way, or NO way". Sad for such a wonderful piece of equipment.
    01-08-2018 01:09 PM
  2. ManiacJoe's Avatar
    Check your phone settings for the proximity sensor. It might need cleaning or calibrating (or repairing).
    While the phone is in your pocket, the touch screen should be disabled by default.

    Calls to 911 usually do not require the phone to be unlocked.
    01-08-2018 06:42 PM
  3. SDIgroup's Avatar
    Wow. Hadn't thought of that. Thanks. I downloaded an app called Pocket Lock. It seems to have stopped the thing from being obn while in my pocket but I've only had it for a day. We'll see. Thank you again
    01-09-2018 10:13 AM

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