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    OK. So I bought this j7 sky pro (straight talk) two days ago. I am sitting here reading something on facebook and it freezes. No big deal, I pull the battery restart and its stuck in a boot loop at the tracfone screen. I got it to boot into safe mode once, and it froze in safe mode before I could do anything. So I wiped the cache, no change, I did a factory reset, no change. Now it wont get past the tracfone screen to even boot in safe mode. From what I gather there is no options to root this phone and install any custom software so, any ideas?
    I could return the phone, but I threw all my household garbage into a 5 foot deep hole in the sand a mile behind the house and buried it and filled the ditch it with sand.... I would like to not get the backhoe out and dig up a freaking box so I can return the phone to WalMart. I guess I could buy another one for $150 and use the packaging from the new phone to return the old one but if this thing is such a piece of shat, I'd rather return it and pay the difference and just get a s6 or whatever for $400....
    I couldnt find any negative reviews that specifically related to my problem. Anyone have an opinion on whether or not this phone is pure trash or did I just get a lemon?

    oh and when I try to boot into safemode sometimes some glitches or colored lines appear on the screen but mostly either the samesung logo freezes as its drawing and it reboots or it makes it to the tracfone logo and then reboots and is just stuck in a loop.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
    I am so incredibly tight over this phone I am considering setting it up on a 5 gallon bucket and seeing how many times I can hit it with a 7mm Remington Mag before its gone.
    :| This is so not a 31337 phone...
    01-08-2018 04:02 PM

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