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    My Galaxy J7 had a broken glass but worked no problem, got lazy to take it to repair, no rush I thought but then few weeks later the OLED screen went black, however I was able to use the phone via Teamviewer and/or droid@tscreen.

    I was saving pictures, settings and other things when I notice the battery was at 3% and no changer by hand, I put the phone into max power saving mode and... I got disconnected from Teamviewer. No biggie I thought the WiFi was disable so I waited to charge the phone 100% hoping saving mode went off but nope, still no connectivity.

    Working blindly on the pitch black screen and some muscle memory I enabled the WiFi but I guess max power saving mode blocks Teamviewer and other apps from working, I also realized the hard way that USB support also is disabled, if I plug the USB cable to my PC nothing happens I cannot use droid@screen to control it.

    I tried booting into safe mode but even then max power saving mode is enabled and can't get into the phone with Teamviewer or droid@screen.

    HELP! Any idea how I can get to disable this darn max power saving mode?

    02-07-2018 12:01 PM

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