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    When we travel on cruise ships we take our tablets on shore to access the internet because they are a lot lighter. Back on the ship we want to read it on the larger computer.
    I can hit the download arrow in Chrome to save the web page and can read it on the tablet but I can not find the file to transfer it. It is not in the download folder.
    I have looked for other ways to save a file on the tablet but can not find it.
    Thanks, your help is appreciated.
    02-19-2018 08:01 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! One option (if available) would be open the Chrome browser on the computer, then sign into Chrome using your Google account. This should sync your tablet's browsing history, and you can see that page easily using Chrome's History feature. If you do this, though, make sure you sign out from the Chrome browser on the computer when you're done!
    02-19-2018 11:06 AM
  3. Javier P's Avatar
    Also, you can try an offline reading app, like Pocket. After you create a free account you can save, share and sync any link you want from different devices and platforms.
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    02-19-2018 11:12 AM
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    I have a feeling cloud syncing is not an option in this case.

    This may be convoluted but follow along - In Chrome, tap the overflow menu and select share, then pick Google Drive. Once the file is in Google Drive on the tablet, select to download the file (which should save it to the Downloads folder). Then you should be able to connect your tablet to your PC and copy the file from the tablet to the computer.
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    02-19-2018 12:46 PM
  5. scbj1909's Avatar
    Thanks for helping but I do not have internet access on the ship. It is very expensive.
    Hallux - I tried your suggestion but I can not see the document. Google drive has the url for the page but not the page itself. I have tried to open it in Chrome and Word and all that i get is the url. When I hit download it creates a file in my downloads file but all it has in it is the url. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Is there some other way to access the Chrome downloads or change where they are stored so I can access them?
    02-19-2018 03:41 PM
  6. hallux's Avatar
    Welcome to the site!

    Oops, sorry, I guess that slipped my mind. Best option? See if you can find a way to save it as a PDF.

    See if this helps - https://www.pcworld.com/article/3003...oid-phone.html

    I just tried, the option is there on Chrome on my Tab S3.
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    02-19-2018 08:59 PM
  7. scbj1909's Avatar
    The print instruction worked. Also downloaded web page downloader and web page capture from the play store and they also work. I think you solution is the best
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    02-20-2018 06:34 PM

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