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    I am trying to back up my entire Text and Call History on a Nexus 6P that I have used for 2+ years, but which is behaving like it is faulty.

    It is running on 8.1.0 (Security patch 5/2/18 - UK date) and the mobile data has not been working properly since early to mid January. I looked online to investigate how to resolve this and found that I needed to adjust the Access Point Names under Mobile Network. I contacted my network provider via a chat some weeks ago and the confirmed exactly the same. I finally called them yesterday and was advised much the same thing. They also got me to take my SIM into store and test it in another device. This confirmed that there was no issue with the SIM, purely the handset. I am suspicious as to the nature of this, so I am wanting to back-up the text and call history potentially prior to running a factory reset. I have attempted this once before and kept most items (photos, files etc.), however my text and call history was lost and I really cannot afford to lose any information at this point in time.

    Under the APNs screen I have been asked or read about the three vertical dots and whether I can create new, however the only available option is "Reset to default". I do not know if it is the most recent update that I ran which has caused this or if there is something else going on that might have corrupted the phone.

    Please can someone respond to me in relation to one or both of these issues.

    Yours hopefully!!
    03-01-2018 08:10 AM
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    If you can install new apps then try sms backup and restore


    It’s also backup call history. Use it for backup of sms from time to time.

    03-01-2018 08:32 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    If that "reset to default" is in the APN area, it will reset the APN to your carrier's default, which is probably the correct one - although you can usually get that by using Google. Just put in apn and your carrier's name (and location if they cover more than one) (like EE would be here, O2 would be here, etc.) They may change them from time to time, but being connected to the network should change your settings if that happens. (If there's a major change, there's usually an overlap between the old ones and the new ones both being usable for about a year.)

    But, as Frank said, SMS Backup and Restore will do it for your texts and call history.

    (If it's just mobile data, don't be "suspicious as to the nature of this" - one letter wrong in the APN line itself will keep you from getting a mobile data connection. That's your gateway address, and it connects you to your carrier's internet connection. It has to be letter-perfect.)
    03-01-2018 02:42 PM

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