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    Long story short, on a R11Max* (?) device with MT6592 CPU running Android 5.1 and reported 8GB storage (though possible to use SD card), when trying to install additional apps than the ones than came at purchase, always shown dialog that there is no storage space left, yet there is plenty left, even when SD card is inserted and is selected prefered install location default write disk.

    Though taking pictures or videos with the camera works, so storage is not full.

    Of course, from a generic/unbranded device, expectations are much lower, for example there was no fire while charging, fingers crossed!

    Any suggestions?
    03-29-2018 03:33 PM
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    Apps must install to the internal storage first, and can only be moved after installation/updating (assuming it's programmed to allow it, but isn't usually recommended either way). There's no good way around it except to maybe root the phone. The problem is with only 8 GB, you're not going to have much space once you account for the OS and any bloatware apps that you can't delete. Even if you did clear up enough space, it's not going to last long before this problem happens again.

    To be honest, your best long term solution is going to be to upgrade to a better phone. Apps are only going to get bigger, meaning this problem will come back quickly on your current phone. 16 GB phones are already getting to become minimal, so you'd ideally want at least 32 GB internal storage if possible. If you look at one that doesn't have an SD card, then you may need to consider the 64+ GB offerings. Even flagship phones from a year or two ago are coming way down in price on the used market despite having a lot of life left in them.
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    03-29-2018 03:53 PM
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    Well, someone over at


    did a (very) thorough invwestigation, and they found out that on this particular device, there is way less space than reported, so there is not much else that can be done
    04-07-2018 07:03 PM

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