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    I have MagicJack for my home phone. They have a function called Automated Call Screening. When a caller attempts to call your phone number, the caller will be asked to dial a random one digit number. When calls come from an automated service, it is unlikely the service will provide the requested digit and the call will be disconnected. This works perfect. Was wondering if they have an app that will do the same thing for Android phone.
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    06-04-2018 09:01 AM
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    Not exactly the same, BUT Truecaller has some great screening options, such as blocking *** unknown and private numbers IF you so choose. It has intelligence also and can block known spam callers automatically. YOU can even help, when you get a spam call you then block and report it, this blocks them permanently from you AND helps them keep the database updated.


    There is also a web based service called Youmail, which is really "better" voicemail, BUT it too has some blocking functions. It has an app, but you don't need to use it.

    06-04-2018 09:09 AM
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    I haven't seen any, but one could probably be written along the lines of the "private payphones" that some stores used to use before cellphones became popular. The app goes off-hook but doesn't ring anything, You record a message in the app, like "Please press 27 to connect", and the app plays that to the caller, then listens for the "27". If it hears it, it starts the ringtone every 5 seconds until you answer. Shouldn't be too difficult for an Android developer to develop. But the call gets answered before the message gets played.
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    06-04-2018 01:54 PM
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    Since I activated this MagicJack function on my home phone (2) months ago, I have had (0) robocalls. This works great – was hoping there would be an app for my cell phone that did the same.
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    06-04-2018 07:57 PM

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