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    I have a certain device that I communicate with using a wired IP over Ethernet interface. I have no access to the device's operating system or source code. What I'd like to do is to be able to communicate with it using WiFi, taking into account that I can't install any device drivers on my device (for example, to support a USB WiFi dongle).
    What I am looking for is a device that plugs in to my device's Ethernet port and serves as a WiFi hotspot for my other devices to connect to, enabling standard IP traffic to flow between my device and a computer or a smartphone.
    I'll be happy for any information on this

    06-06-2018 04:03 PM
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    That's called a Wireless Access Point, but routers are cheaper (probably economy of scale - almost no one buys WAPs, everyone buys routers). Just connect the device to one of the LAN ports (they're Ethernet), connect a computer to the router (you can use wifi - just connect to the router's normal address -, 192,168,0,1, 10,0,0,1, etc. - it will be in the manual) and see what devices are assigned what IP addresses. You'll have your computer and your "certain device". Connect to that device's IP address when the computer is connected to the router and you're connecting to it. (If you need to connect to the device from out in the world, the router has to have an internet connection and you'll have to forward the ports it uses, in the router, to the device.)

    If you already have a router running where the device is located, just plug it into one of the LAN ports on that router and follow the rest of the above.
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    06-06-2018 05:13 PM

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