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    Big crack at the back phone is 6mounth old
    06-12-2018 02:18 PM
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    You could find a local repair shop. If you're in the US, Google ubreakifix - that's actually UBreakIFix*, but Google doesn't care about case. If not, and there are no good (meaning others have good experience with them) shops, contact the manufacturer and ask who repairs their phones where you are (in case you don't want to pay shipping and insurance to send your phone back to them).

    *UBreakIFix has an estimate page for phones they work on, so look anyway, even if they're not near you, you're not in the US or you don't have a phone they work on. Pick a phone that's like yours - same size screen, removable back or not - to get an idea of the price for replacing a screen.

    If the phone still works, and you just don't like the crack, save yourself a small fortune. Get a windshield repair kit (they're about $10-$15) and a glass screen protector for your phone (depending on the phone, you may be able to find one for about $10). "Repair" the entire length of the crack and put the phone in clear cloudless directly-overhead sunshine for at least 20 minutes (30 minutes if you're north of, say New York City). Like from 10 minutes before the hour to 10 minutes after the hour. Which hour? If you're using daylight saving time, that would be 1 in the afternoon if you use a 1 hour jump. (In some places it's a 30 minute jump, so adjust accordingly.) If not, it would be 12 noon. (In other words, solar noon.) If you can, angle the phone so it's at right angles to the light (put a book down and lean the wide edge against it or something).

    After the repair is fully hardened (that's why the 20 minute [or longer if you're further north] exposure to sunlight - it hardens by UV light), remove it carefully with the razor blade, so the surface is smooth. Use a microfiber cloth (the kind used to clean eyeglasses) to clean the screen.

    Then follow the directions to apply the screen protector. Once that's done (do it carefully, so you don't get any bubbles, or only a small number of tiny ones - you can press those out by pressing on the screen, right over the bubble, for about 60 seconds), if you can even see the crack any more, it won't be very noticeable.
    06-12-2018 04:53 PM

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