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    The computer recognizes the phone and I can navigate to the pictures. When I start to copy the pictures to the computer, I eventually get a a "device not recognized" or "device not functioning properly" and the copying quits on me. I'm using a cable that has worked with no problem before and I've tried all the USB ports. Both the phone and the computer have gone through updates since the last time I did this in April. I'm at a loss. Anyone have any ideas?
    07-06-2018 11:43 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Are you trying to copy over a massive amount all at once? If so, try breaking it down into smaller batches.
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    07-06-2018 01:49 PM
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    And don't use a USB hub - connect directly to one of the computer's USB ports, even if you have to disconnect something else temporarily. A mouse and keyboard can live together peacefully on a hub, but massive file transfers usually overheat the chip in the hub and it shuts down. (And the USB chip in the computer overheats if you try massive file transfers. USB hasn't caught up to cellphones. And the Pixel 2 will not update with a USB 3.0 port and a USB 3.0 cable. If you have that combination - 3.0 port and 3.0 cable, get a Type A [the computer] to microUSB [the old style] cable and a microUSB to Type C [the Pixel 2] adapter. That seems to get around whatever the incompatibility is.)
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    07-06-2018 04:13 PM
  4. wolfany's Avatar
    Hmmm...what's a USB hub? I plugged the cable from the phone directly into the USB port. How do I know if it's a 3.0 port and cable? When I bought the cable it was for file transfers. The cable is a Type C, so it plugs directly into the phone.
    07-06-2018 07:31 PM
  5. Rukbat's Avatar
    1. Check the computer specs to see what type of port it is, or run Device Manager (in Control Panel) if you're running Windows and look at Universal Serial Bus controllers, and look for the USB Root Hum that has a number after it.

    2. If the computer port is 2.1 or 3.1 you're fine, but if it's 3.0 you'll need a microUSB cable and an adapter to type C on the phone end.

    (A USB hub is something you plug into the USB port o you can plug more than one USB thing into one USB port.)
    07-08-2018 01:34 PM

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