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    Since the rollout of Android Pie I've found the date & time on my Pixel2 are periodically incorrect. The date is off by some # of months and the time is off by a large amount as well. I have "Use network provided time" enabled as well as "Use network provided time zone". The time zone always seems to be correct. The folks at Pixel support had me disable a few 3rd party apps which had Calendar permissions. I suspect they are not at fault but we shall see.

    Any idea if there is some way to see the system log entries from the network time updates or some other way to track down what might be going on? The lady @ Google was not interested in troubleshooting - just running through her playbook of things to try to remedy the situation.
    09-04-2018 03:06 PM
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    You can always use logcat redirected to a file, then spend hours (or days) looking through it for the few lines you need. (Or grep them.)

    Or you can call the carrier (whoever maintains the tower, regardless of whom you pay for service - the US carriers are AT&T, Sprint, TMobile, US Cellular and Verizon - if you use anyone else, you're still using the towers of one of those carriers) and ask if they're having time and/or date problems on that tower. (It does happen sometimes - and unless someone in one of their nearby stores looks at his or her phone for the time, or a user like you calls them, they'll never know it. [The only time they have to compare to the time they're transmitting - is the time they're transmitting.])
    09-04-2018 05:48 PM
  3. jordanv's Avatar
    I am having the same issue with my Pixel XL on Project Fi. Seems to occur mostly when I am using Maps navigation.
    09-05-2018 09:23 PM

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