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    I want to put a memory card in my phone to save my photos on to. It looks as though, to do this, I have to remove the battery. I am worried that I will lose photos and contacts if I do this. Advice please.
    09-23-2018 07:08 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Removing your battery will not make you lose your photos or contacts. Just power the phone down, remove the battery, and insert the card.

    However, if you're worried about losing this information, I'm guessing that your phone is the only place where this information is stored. That puts you at high risk for losing that information forever, if something happens to the phone (and considering how old the phone is, that risk is pretty high). Take advantage of Google Photos auto backup: https://support.google.com/photos/an...DAndroid&hl=en. If you use the High Quality setting, you get unlimited storage for photos.

    And if all of your contacts are only saved to the local Phone account, consider exporting them to a .csv or .vcf file and importing them into your Google Contacts. Once they're in your Google Contacts, they will sync automatically to any device you log into with the same account. And if something happens to the phone, the information will be safe in your Google account in the cloud.
    09-23-2018 09:38 PM

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