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    So the other day i was looking through my files and found a video that had the /!\ thumbnail, meaning it was either corrupted or missing, playing the video only shows a file error, and because the video file is corrupted, i cannot delete it or move it from my camera folder, at all. when i do and reset my android, (since it is a SanDisk 32 GB Micro SD) the file just reappears and stays where it was before. i cannot even move, rename, or delete ANY files on my SD card because of it, it just resets back to the state it was in before i changed the files. I tried using several methods on my computer including different types of file commands to delete the file and even the entire folder, but nothing works, and it fails once it gets to that file. Even trying to erase all data from the SD Card in the android storage settings bring up a message saying "the SD card is being checked". anyone got any ideas? (the video file even lists a size of 168 MB, so it isn't one of those 0 byte files either)
    10-14-2018 05:45 AM
  2. djrakowski's Avatar
    Is there anything on the card you can’t afford to lose?

    Turn off the phone, then remove the card. Put it into your computer and back up any content you want to keep. Then, format the card.

    There might be an app on your phone that’s writing these files (or corrupting existing files) to the card. If so, you’ll want to find it before installing the card again.
    10-14-2018 07:00 AM

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