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    My wife was having Samsung phone and she newly brought oppo f9 pro and transferred all the information from the previous phone and now I’m not able to make a regular call on my wife’s number. But I can call and message her from WhatsApp.

    She can call me from regular and what’s app.
    Please help tia
    11-04-2018 06:49 PM
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    If she changed SIMs, you can't reach her old number - but she can make calls. The "information" about the phone number isn't something she can transfer - it's up to the carrier to connect her SIM number to her phone number in their database (it's part of provisioning the account).

    WhatsApp has nothing to do with the phone number, it's the WhatsApp number that matters. If they're the same, that's fine, but the carrier could have messed up her phone number.
    11-04-2018 09:12 PM

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