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    My mobile got damaged so I removed my memory card from it and placed it in my purse. Now after few days yesterday I was using it in my new mobile. But my mobile showing "damaged memory card". After that I watched so many videos on youtube to recover my data. Today I put my memory card in card reader and connected in to my laptop. But my memory cad heated so much. Also no method working on it. My memory card has lots of important data. Please help me to recover it. Also tell me the method to overcome this heating problem.
    11-16-2018 11:04 AM
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    Assuming that the card isn't physically damaged internally (which might be the cause of the overheating), if there's any data left on it at all, PhotoRec will recover it. If PhotoRec doesn't recover a file, the file isn't there.

    Read the tutorial at the site, PhotoRec Step By Step, because it takes a bit of work on your part (unless you're used to Linux - then you'll see a familiar screen). But if you follow the instructions, and allow the program time to work (and on a large card, that could take a few days), it will recover anything that looks like a file.

    (Oh, even though this is used by professionals, it's free - for Windows, Mac, etc. [There are different versions. download the one you need.] Unfortunately, there's none for Android.)


    1. Recovered files will be written to the laptop, PhotoRec does not write anything to the card. (It's made for forensic recovery - something that will hold up in court - so the original is never changed - it's always there - untouched - for someone else to use a different method on it.

    2. It can't recover file names. The names aren't part of the file, they're part of the filesystem, and that's what's normally damaged, so PhotoRec searches the file area. You;ll get the right extensions (a picture will be a .jpg file, a Word document will be a .docx file) but the fle names will be generic - file0001, file0002, etc. To recover the names from the filesystem, the phone has to be rooted (you can't do it with a PC) and there are no free apps that recover all filetypes. (Some recover .jpg files for free.) And they all recover to the place the file was originally, risking the integrity of the file.
    11-16-2018 12:18 PM

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