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    The 2 apps in question are redstone online banking and paycom. Before I had Android, I had an iPhone 6s which handled my fingerprint perfectly every time without fail. now, the quick login for redstone and paycom using my saved fingerprint cannot be recognized on my Android device (Moto g6 forge). I don't understand as when I first setup the fast login it works fine. But if my phone dies, or hasn't used one of those apps in a week or so,it just straight stops working. Anyone know why this is happening?
    12-12-2018 07:15 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! I've noticed that on certain apps that can use fingerprint unlock, there are times when I have to set it up again. It might have to do with major updates to the app. The best thing to do would be to send feedback to the app developers, since it might also be a coding error.
    12-13-2018 07:58 PM

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