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    when i not installing twrp, and cwm, and dont root from odin or other root apk, so dont show message when trying to boot from power off phone? i worried. because i read from other human problem, he's updated samsung music app, and shows message unable to load something i dont remember and he's restarted phone and saw message in red letters.
    He's message i copied : ,,I haven't touched anything or updated anything in at least 6 months and the work has been working fine.
    I did update yesterday the "Samsung music" app however, not sure if that has anything to do with my problem.

    This morning I got a message "Please restart your device, some apps are overloading the system".

    So I did a reboot and now the device won't start.
    I hate the red message "Custom Binary Blocked By FRP Lock" and the device stays turned off.

    I didn't touch anything, so what on earth caused this?!
    OEM Lock appears to be ON. FPR Lock is also ON now.

    I had the phone rooted when I bought it but I'm using stock firmware.
    Also, haven't had any issues in over 6 months so this I am very curious what could cause this to suddenly happen.

    I read some guides that I have to re-flash stock firmware again, but I don't see how that will prevent the issue from happening again" so he's phone rooted, mine not rooted and not installed cwm or twrp from other apps, or odin! i want to know shows message or not when i not do anything modify phone with apps which required root.
    02-12-2019 07:53 AM