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    I have Educational VR headsets for my school which I would like to logon to the Internet at school.
    Through a internet web interface s teacher can control the headsets.

    Getting onto the Internet is a two phase process.
    First is to connect to the school network
    Second is to then enter a login name and password into a web browser

    Phase one I can do by setting up details for a QR code.
    Phase two I can not as I have no keyboard or web browser installed on the headsets.

    The headset can read onll QR codes.

    I would like to have a QR code which will basically instruct the VR headset to start a browser ( I have the Intranet link) which I think I can get from the App Store and then insert the login name and password in the two text boxes provided on the web login page.

    Any suggestions?

    Note: the network structure is not going to be changed to accomodate these headsets.
    I have to work around what is in place now.

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    03-15-2019 06:48 AM

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