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    I clicked on select all in the smartswitch app but not all the files, noteably pictures and videos are not coming over.
    The smartswitch app goes through the steps for a while and then gives me an “ unknown error” error pop up.

    I initially tried to copy and paste data from the old so card to my computer ( windows 10) and the old sad card apparently corrupted during the process so now it is empty. So the smartswitch app on my computer is the only place I have to old data.

    Just wondering what else I can do.

    06-06-2019 12:39 PM
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    If you have any way of connecting the card itself to a PC (not through the watch), PhotoRec will recover any of dozens of known file types from the card. (It doesn't even look at the file structure of the card, just the raw data on it, so even deleting a partition doesn't stop it.) It's not a point, click and it's done thing, though. You have to read each screen carefully (unless you have Linux experience). And the file names (which are stored in the file system) aren't recovered. Instead, you get files like File0001.jpg, File0002.jpg, etc. If your phone fills in the file name in the EXIF data, there are EXIF editors on Play that let you read the data, and there are utility programs that rename files according to their EXIF data, and you can run one on *.jpg to do all your jpg files at once.

    Oh, and if the card is large enough, it could take a couple of days for the full recovery process.
    06-06-2019 04:27 PM

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