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    Everytime I screenshot or take a photo with the camera, I would get text pop-up: We received callback for a new image
    Then it will sometimes say: Yoohoo! Uricontent: then a path to the image (probably) and 3rd text would be Checking if (image name) is a screenshot...

    It's so annoying.
    My phone is Samsung Galaxy J7 2017 and android is 7.0 Nougat. I ran avast already, it found no problems. Any help,please?
    06-10-2019 02:36 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Does it persist in Safe Mode?
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    06-10-2019 02:54 PM
  3. musava_ribica's Avatar
    It does not persist in safe mode. I took some photos then switched back to normal mode and it went again for the pics I took.
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    06-10-2019 04:25 PM
  4. hallux's Avatar
    Then you have an app that brought this unwanted service along for the ride. Have you installed any new apps recently?

    And.. welcome to AC
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    06-10-2019 07:58 PM
  5. mustang7757's Avatar
    I agree , some app you download causing a problem.
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    06-10-2019 08:00 PM
  6. yuval zinger's Avatar
    Hi All,
    I also have the same problem with callback notification....
    any idea how to find the app causing this without removing them all?

    06-20-2019 03:04 PM
  7. Rukbat's Avatar
    Use App Backup & Restore to back them all up. Remove in reverse order that you think you installed them, keeping a list of what you uninstalled, until you uninstall the one causing the problem. Run App Backup & Restore again and restore the ones you uninstalled and want back.
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    06-20-2019 05:07 PM
  8. yuval zinger's Avatar
    Thanks for the advice. It worked.
    It took me a couple of hours but I found out it was a screenshot app called "Lightshot"running in the background.
    I hope it will also help "Android Central Question" from the top question...
    Have a wonderful day guys.
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    06-20-2019 11:52 PM

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