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    My mobile phone periodically shows "Sending text" notification. During that I can't do anything esle but waiting. I checked messeges inbox and there was nothing. I'm afraid this could be some kind of spying. Please help
    06-11-2019 01:49 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Which phone, and which carrier? You can contact your carrier to review your messaging activity, in case certain messages aren't showing up in your log.
    06-11-2019 02:05 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    And if you have any Cheetah mobile apps, uninstall them.
    06-11-2019 02:03 PM
  4. Javier P's Avatar
    Also, you can check in your settings which apps have the SMS permission enabled. The right steps could be slightly different depending on your phone but you could try in settings - apps & notifications - advanced - app permissions - SMS.
    06-11-2019 02:08 PM

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