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    I have currently stumped a wifi marketing vendor, so while they have their tech people working on this I'm hoping someone else has an answer for me. We recently installed new access points in our warehouses for customers to access guest wifi. When you select the wifi SSID it takes you to a splash page we have designed. Once you accept the terms and provide the necessary information it is supposed to redirect you to a landing page we have also designed. The issue we are having is once the samsung phone connects it redirects to the landing page but then immediately shoots back to the wifi settings page where it lists all of your wifi options. (this does not happen on laptops it does stay on the landing page) Is this standard for Samsung? I feel like when I've used this at local malls/restaurants my phone stays on their landing page. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
    07-01-2019 12:31 PM
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    If the landing page is launched by the phone automatically, yes, it's standard behavior that once a successful connection has been established, the phone takes you back automatically to the Settings.

    Only if the landing page is launched through the browser manually (like trying to open any page after connecting to the network), then your landing page would still show (because the system isn't automatically closing the browser session upon successful authentication).
    07-01-2019 12:48 PM
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    You should design your site so that if there isn't an active session running when the user connects to the landing page, there's a redirect (302) to the splash page. Once you accept the terms, there should be a redirect (302) to the landing page. (If you do a 301 redirect, that customer can never get back to the splash page.) The session should be started from the splash page once the terms are agreed to and just before the redirect.
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    07-01-2019 05:44 PM

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