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    I will be using an app (it doesn't matter which) and I am occasionally interrupted by my screen changing and alerting my that my memory is full (on a pink/ blue screen)... shortly after this, an animation proceeds and it appears that my device is cleaned. At this point, my screen will either shift to an ad from google play advertising an ap, an ad for an energy drink, or a screen that says "exiting." When I click the button to view my recently used apps/ apps running in the background, the pop up doesnt show up there...
    I am a college student and cant afford a new phone and a virus ruining this one, so I am able to simple delete something, uninstall something, or fix my settings as a solution. Thanks for any help!
    08-11-2019 07:11 AM
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    It sounds like you have some malware. It likely isn't virus, just an annoying add-on that came along with another app. Have you installed any new apps or updates to existing apps recently? Does this persist in safe mode? Can you post a screenshot?

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    08-11-2019 07:41 AM

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