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    I updated to Android 10 yesterday, and now I am unable to use bluetooth audio for phone calls. My 2012 malibu only does phone calls. I have a 3rd party bluetooth adapter plugged in and it works for streaming audio like a podcast, but neither will work for phone calls.

    I have removed the devices from my phone and paired again and still is not working. Looking for best solution on how to work through this.
    09-04-2019 01:20 PM
  2. Sterling Hall's Avatar
    I'm having the same issue also on a 2 XL. I use multiple bluetooth devices, from headsets, to my car. Although audio, music, video works fine. Phone calls refuse to work through the bluetooth. I've also found issues with getting notifications. I no longer get a notification for Gmail. Today is the first day that I've found anyone else having this issue, and saw on "THEANDROIDSOUL" https://www.theandroidsoul.com/andro...and-solutions/ saying there is only one person having this issue. Which I find hard to believe. I haven't found a solution as of yet.
    09-09-2019 06:36 AM
  3. Sterling Hall's Avatar
    Follow-up on my previous post. I did a factory reset on my Pixel XL 2, this seems to have fixed my issues, at least for the moment. I did a test call to 411, and it worked on bluetooth. I also have started getting Gmail notifications again.
    09-09-2019 09:03 AM

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