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    I have a Samsung J7 running Oreo.

    As users of the J7 know, there's no actual LED notification light, so I use the NoLED app to generate notification icons.

    Everything works peachy except for one small thing.

    I have one single SMS thread - notifications from Twitter - that has all notifications turned off. I have my reasons for not simply deleting the thread, but, since it can generate several messages a day, I choose to silence it so that I can not be bothered by it and catch up on it once a day. For the most part, this works as intended. I get no sound, popup, or notification drawer icon when I get a message in this thread. However, when my screen is off, it still generates the messages icon on my screen. This means I often see the icon, think it might be an important text, open my phone, and see it's just a Twitter feed message.

    Is there a way to keep NoLED letting me know about text messages, but actually ignore the one thread I said to ignore?
    12-02-2019 03:48 PM

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