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    I Purchased an unlocked version two weeks ago. Brand new! I tried to power it up today & start the setup. It will not power on. I am assuming the battery is depleted. Does this mean the battery is old & I should return it & tell the store that I want a new phone? I activated it when I purchased it. I saved another $50 by activating then, not waiting.
    01-18-2020 11:45 PM
  2. mustang7757's Avatar
    Most come charged 50 percent but I would let it charge then see how it goes .

    I'll leave a link to register so you can communicate here, as a guest account cant.

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    01-18-2020 11:52 PM
  3. belodion's Avatar
    I've had one or two new phones with discharged batteries out-of-the-box, but they subsequently proved to be trouble-free so far as I could judge.
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    01-19-2020 05:03 AM
  4. belodion's Avatar
    See also this thread: https://forums.androidcentral.com/sh...d.php?t=990512
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    01-19-2020 01:07 PM
  5. Rukbat's Avatar
    One total discharge won't shorten the life much, but get used to charging it around 45%-50%. Letting it drop to even 30% will shorten the battery life a lot.

    (If letting it charge to 100% doesn't bring it back, contact the seller for a replacement. A battery sold at 50% should retain 49%-50% for at least a month if it's turned off.)
    01-19-2020 04:39 PM
  6. Mike Dee's Avatar
    You haven't mentioned if it takes a charge.
    01-19-2020 05:33 PM
  7. belodion's Avatar
    01-20-2020 01:55 PM
  8. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Do you normally keep your phone charged and try not to let it drop much lower than 30-40%? If not, and if you routinely let it drop, then sure, it's possible for the battery to drain to the point it won't turn on if you didn't bother to charge it promptly. Plug it into a wall outlet, let it charge undisturbed for at least 4-6 hours, then try to power it on. If it works, then get into the habit of charging when the battery hits about 30-40%, for the overall health of the battery. It's ok to let it go lower every now and then, but don't do it regularly, if you want the battery to last a long time.
    01-21-2020 01:49 PM

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