1. Private user's Avatar
    I have a Coolpad legacy ( model cp3705AS ) from boost Mobile ( Android 9 ) and when I plug it in to charge it chimes every few seconds I tried to look at all the settings and tried changing notification settings sound settings and nothing works... I thought about using a hammer on it but my wife does not like that option... Can you help or is the hammer a very good idea?

    It's like 3 a.m. and this phone won't let me sleep
    03-15-2020 03:10 AM
  2. methodman89's Avatar
    What's your setting here?
    03-15-2020 03:49 AM
  3. Private user's Avatar
    With the Coolpad legacy I am unable to find this option in any list in settings

    Also when I try to upload screenshots of my settings it tells me that i cannot perform this due to low memory
    03-15-2020 11:26 AM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Each time you hear the notification tone, do you see a new "Charging" notification, as if you just plugged it in? It may be that the connection is loose, and the phone thinks you keep removing and plugging in the charger. Try a different charging cable and/or make sure the phone's port is clear of any debris (by blowing it out with a can of compressed air and cleaning the contacts with a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol).
    03-15-2020 12:00 PM
  5. Private user's Avatar
    I've done all that as well and it looks like it only shuts off when I either activate a screensaver or put it on completely silent which that caused me to miss calls..
    so I guess leaving a screen saver active is the only way I'm going to fix this for now...
    03-18-2020 04:22 PM
  6. me just saying's Avatar
    is it the original charger?
    03-18-2020 04:31 PM
  7. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Does this happen in Safe Mode as well? https://www.hardreset.info/devices/c...acy/safe-mode/
    03-19-2020 03:05 PM

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