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    Hi all. I have a Samsung Galaxy J6 and am trying to do a video where the light needs to stay consistent. I've just done one and even tough the light in the house has remained consistent - i.e. no occasional clouds or vehicles going past etc - the camera keeps adjusting the lighting every time I move. I really need to keep this consistent but can't find any settings that will allow me to do this. Has anyone got any ideas please? Thanks for looking.
    04-14-2020 07:16 AM
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    Most people shoot photos and videos in auto mode, where the app tries to keep a constant average exposure. As the scene lighting changes, so will the shutter speed and ISO settings. Move into a shadow, the app compensates by making the scene brighter, and vice versa. You need to shoot in manual mode to keep things really constant. This video gives some good info on what goes on in auto and how to use manual mode to overcome it.

    That video is going over the stock app in the LG V60, and I doubt your phone has manual video controls. You'll want to look at third party apps for those functions. Something like this may work, but keep in mind hardware/firmware limitations may prevent using third party camera apps to their full potential.

    04-14-2020 08:17 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! What's the exact model number of the phone? There are a lot of J6 variants. In the manual I found here (https://downloadcenter.samsung.com/c...1.0_200313.pdf), it says there's a feature to lock the exposure. Does that work?

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    04-14-2020 12:19 PM

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