1. Toyeboy's Avatar
    Hello I'm wondering if anyone on here with the 300 tab is having this touchscreen issue. I will be playing a game like dead trigger for a while, and then the right side of the screen will start missing my touches. Only on the right side of the screen if I have another finger on the screen so its like a multi touch issue. It makes it hard to play the game. The weird thing is one I turn the display off the problem goes away for a while. I've read the exact same thing happening on the nexus 7 forums just wondering if anyone else has experienced this.
    09-01-2012 08:29 PM
  2. Crakeur's Avatar
    I have it as well. The right side will, at times, react to phantom touches, opening apps, moving them around etc and, other times, nothing works at all.

    Turning it off and on does seem to make it go away temporarily but it always comes back.

    It's like there's a ghost in the machine, flipping pages of the book I'm trying to read, highlighting text, opening apps etc.

    I was told by asus to send it back to them.

    Haven't done that yet, figured the folks on the forum are, usually, wiser and more experienced than the tech help crew.
    09-18-2012 07:18 PM
  3. Crakeur's Avatar
    I saw someone post that, after doing the os upgrade, it's wise to factory restore the device so I did it. Working perfectly now. Sucks reloading all the apps and my son will kill me for setting his progress back to zero on all the games but the device seems to be working again.
    09-19-2012 09:06 AM
  4. ichihollow's Avatar
    i know this is a coupleof months late but I actually fixed this problem today, just a few hours ago but because its really late and im tired you'll have to make do with a trick that shows you when your touch screen is having phantom touches. go to settings click on developer options and look for show visible feedback. this produces a little white dot on the screen where it is being touched.

    in preparation for the repair you will need these things to complete the repair, 1 fingernails, no kidding, but soft plastic tools like the ones for opening iPods would probably work just fine, and 2 a square piece of paper about say two inches by two inches. the paper does not have to be cut exactly, i used a flap from a manila envelope sitting on my friends kitchen table, so dont get too exact on its shape but you should aim for a 2x2 piece. No joke those are the only thing that you will need to fix this issue. i will also cover how to do this with out voiding your warranty and why i finally opened mine up to fix it myself.

    now for at least a slight explanation, are you ready for it? your digitizercables, yes theres two connections, are shorting out!!! BTW Asus touched nmy tablet already they couldn't fix it so the sold it to Essex where i bought my 32gb for 159.99$Attachment 45574 Now that its fixed, i have a Tf300t for 240$ below retail and i call that a win! Essex didn't inform me of the digitizer issue before i bought it lucky for them i would have forced them down if i had known about it. Either way i have it now, it works now, and tomorrow yours will too:-)
    11-10-2012 02:59 AM