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    I just received my captivate from rogers. I charged it alll day. When I woke up it was already on half charge. Later tonight at work the remaining battery went dead. Its only been 24/26hrs. I checked the running apps prior to sleep, and turned off background sync + data. I've turned off gps, backlight is dim, wifi and sync off. Dim screen is set to 60 seconds.

    I work until 2am, by then I don't feel like spending time fixing my phone. I was wondering a) if there are any issues with these phones I don't know about b) options prior to firmware reload or device wipe.

    I think I just got a dud, but I have a month to swap or trade the phone in. The reception, to me, has also been a hassle. At my house where I also have a work blackberry there is little to no reception. Turning from gprs/hspa doesn't work and the blackberry has 3-4 bars while my phone has 0-1

    Thanks for your time
    I appreciate if you could help me in figuring it out
    06-14-2011 09:21 PM