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    Sorry for the tall order especially on my first post.

    Ive been researching and having a hard time finding exactly what I want.
    My family operates a large dairy farm. We have a lot of equipment and spend long days in that equipment. Thus we always need 12v phone chargers. However they always magically disappear.

    To combat this I want to put in hardwired chargers. Every phone is micro usb now and none of us have iPhones so it should solve our charger issue.

    I absolutely hate pig tails. They're too stiff and just pull the plug out. Loose wire is okay but sometimes too short or it gets in the way. I love the retractable ones but I'd need to find one that I can hardwire and also mount in a fixed location. I feel that would be my ideal method. I was also looking at adding Ram mounts for the phones so I could live with a short wire possibly providing I mounted the phone close enough to the operator.

    Having enough cord to be able to still type on the device is important. A lot of our tractora have autosteee on them now so we spend a lot of time doing other business on the phones while the tractor is doing its thing.

    In addition to this I have been looking into more bluetooth options. Our newest tractor has it integrated in the radio but its cab is also quieter than a Mercedes. For the other stuff we have been using blue parrot headsets but they are failing it seems as peoples voices sound very muffled and its hard to understand them. Nor to mention its a hassle to carry around, it needs to be charged too and overall and integrated system would just flat out be better.

    The issue we have is background noise. Some of our older stuff is fairly loud inside but not much of it is too much louder than an older aemi truck. The blue parrot does a great job canceling background noise. Most people I talk to on it love the clarity. What I am wondering is if there is either a radio with bluetooth integrated, a bluetooth system that can be added into the radio system or a complete standalone system that has good noise canceling abilities. I fully expect to have to mount a microphone near the driver butbit would still be a foot or so away from them.

    Thanks in advance to any suggestions anyone has.

    Attached is a photo of the main controls for our new Fendt. I figured some of the techies would enjoy seeing that tractors arent just old levers anymore. Everything is programmed through the touch screen and synced with the shop computer over bluetooth. The joystick is fully customizable for running ISOBUS implements. The go/end buttons are for the Variotronic system. Essentially it records your end of row sequence and then simply does them automatically when you push the go button then reverses them with the end button. Instead of having to push multiple buttons you only have to push one. For those not familiar with farming this may not sound advanced but it is. German engineering at its finest. These tractors have independent front suspension, 3pt air ride cab, 34mph road speed, dual circuit air brakea, ABS and stability control.

    Another high quality piece from Germany, Claas.

    10-01-2013 04:38 AM
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    wow tractors with computers I wish my grandfather was still alive to see this pictures, last time I was inside one of this there was only a few levels, arms to move up and down

    We use this dash mount USB adapter to charge our phones, its 5 volts and 2 amps I believe
    it charges my phone fast and never overheats the battery
    USB Charger
    02-28-2014 10:47 PM
  3. h20squirter's Avatar
    We use this dash mount USB adapter to charge our phones, its 5 volts and 2 amps I believe
    it charges my phone fast and never overheats the battery
    USB Charger
    I'm actually building my Jeep as an Expedition Vehicle, i have been looking for something exactly like this! I have my phone, a GPS, a GoPro and several other items mounted along a rail on the dash and this will be awesome to hardware underneath them for power supply.
    03-04-2014 06:23 AM

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