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    I've been a subscribing member of the Anker community only because I like their products but have yet to purchase one. last Nov this was about to change. I received an email from Anker informing me that I was given a change at a free product of my choice from a list of 4 possible items.

    I entered the code and selected the PowerCore Mini portable charger which is slightly larger than a lipstick tube/container. it's been 40 days and still no sight of this powercore unit. I sent an email to Anker in the hopes that the powercore was on it's way. But I was informed that there's a back log of products one being the powercore unit.


    I'm left waiting and wondering if and when I'll actually get this portable charging device and I've already located a belt loop pouch and USB power cord. As a semi amateur photographer, having this powercore would allow more freedom with an extended time limit while in the field to take pictures or use the smart phone for GPS coordinates. I'm hoping sometime down the road I'll get that powercore and use it to it's fullest and have something to show the forum soon there after.

    In essence, I'm suggest even with the back log or back order, look into the wide range of Anker Products for your devices.
    02-01-2017 10:39 AM
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    Update: I've Anker'd My Device

    I think I registered with Anker 2 years ago and never thought anymore about it. Until I got an email offering a chance at one free Anker products on a list of three possible choices.

    My issue tended to be, when out in the field my device tend to drain the batteries and I'm left without a smart phone or my compact camera. Later that evening when I return home to the hotel I'm left missing possible photographs and to recharge the device for a few hours or over night. So the choice was obvious.. The PowerCore Mini would suit my needs perfectly as my first Anker Product.

    Making the selection, I waited.. and waited only to learn a few days ago that my Powercore may not have been delivered to the address give seeing how it's a P.O. Box and amazon doesn't deliver to these P.O. Boxes.

    But yesterday morning.. My wife sent me a message saying it's in the van.. The next issue was and because we keep different times, I'd have to wait till the morning to actually get and open the Anker box. Welp, It's the next morning.. and I opened the box which turned out to be a plastic bag..


    Inside and neatly packed was the PowerCore Mini.. Everything is as Anker said it would be. The product wasn't used or abused and very clean and I'm out to keep it that way. Before the product arrived, I searching my vast inventory of "containers" and was lucky enough to have located a tube which (after testing) the PowerCore Mini fits in perfectly.


    What you're looking at is the white tube along side a belt loop holster which I'll be able to semi water/weather proof the PowerCore Mini while in the field taking images or using my tablet when the power becomes low. Let the testing begin.. This spring we're looking to travel (i'm hoping) and I'll defiantly be needed an AUX power back up/charger for my devices.

    Note the poor quality images take with my LG rebel smart phone.. I tend to have a love/hate type relationship with this devices seeing how it likes bright sunlight and hates dark/yellow tinted lights..
    02-09-2017 06:19 AM

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