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    Ok, I bought and paid for an app called root tools because it had some nice options. I used it last night to install new fonts and change the boot screen...no bueno!

    I woke up to chinese lettering and I went to set back to default, that is the default!

    So I rebooted and had the correct font but i decided it was too hard to read so I need to get my default font back, any ideas?

    I also tried to change the boot animation to no avail, what should I do? I paid for the app...im probably stupid for buying....just trying to be resourseful.

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    06-06-2011 08:14 AM
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    Ok, do heres the answer to my own question,
    Went back I into the app and chose*stock* from the fonts....didn't notice that when I was paniking about the chinese lettering, lol..

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    06-06-2011 02:47 PM