1. rbess1965's Avatar
    OK, I need to tap into your collective brains. I have moved to a Razr Maxx HD from the standard Maxx, and no longer have MotoCast with kinda of sucks but DLNA is my problem know. I don't understand how to get it to connect to my DLNA certified Iomega Screen Play like I could before with my Maxx. It's different now on ICS I think. I read the Moto Manual about DLNA and it states to go to Apps/Gallery/Open a picture and tap on the play symbol at the top. The phone is supposed to 'search' for a DLNA device and give me the option to connect. Not happening. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?
    11-17-2012 01:53 AM
  2. WrexAndroid's Avatar
    Are you connected to a network via wi-fi?
    11-18-2012 05:11 PM
  3. rbess1965's Avatar
    Yes I am. But to update, I was able to figure out how to use the share dlna mode on the phone but my iomega screen play media device still didn't see it. Probably something I'm doing wrong and will keep working on it.

    Sent using the Amazing RAZR MaxxHD
    11-18-2012 11:49 PM
  4. isaacclay's Avatar
    If you found a solution to this I would love to hear it. I had DLNA work from gallery once, then nothing. My windows 8 meda player can view RAZR's media when server is running, but not the other way around.
    11-25-2012 01:09 AM
  5. rbess1965's Avatar
    I still haven't actually sent content to another device from the phone yet. I simply discovered how to if I can get a device to receive it In the stock Gallery, simply select a picture and at the top is a Play Arrow with a bar on it. Select that and try to send to a receptive device. I suspect you already know that though Just letting you know I haven't actually tried with anything other than the Iomega Screen Play device I have and it did not work. It worked pretty well with my other Razr but I feel like I'm just doing something wrong with the MaxxHD and haven't figured it out yet.
    11-26-2012 04:32 PM

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