1. truegiantbdc's Avatar
    After a day of reseting and wiping this phone (phone froze and would not respond even after resets). Now that it seems it is stable, I cannot connect to my home wifi. Phone is only two weeks old. It keeps trying to obtain an ip address. Any ideas? Do I need to exchange it already?
    03-04-2012 09:11 PM
  2. GSDer's Avatar
    I assume it used to connect just fine before the 'freeze' occurred? Are you sure you've entered the WEP/WPA information correctly? What about connecting somewhere else? Or have you tried using it as MHS to see if the WiFi HW is working correctly? Finally, what about setting your router to Open (no security) just to see if that makes a difference?
    Sorry, more questions than answers.

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    03-04-2012 09:40 PM
  3. losbourn2's Avatar
    Situation: my Nexus S locked me out of the pattern and to the email screen. The Bluetooth was on and wifi was on, but not connecting to wifi network to verify email.

    With several days of no success and postings suggesting a hard reset. One of the following factors miraculously got my phone to recognize my email address:

    1)Left it off overnight.
    2)upon turning the phone on, holding down the power button as it booted up.
    3) installing an app from the google play store that is a Bluetooth to wifi converter.

    The grey wifi symbol to my delight went from grey to blue and volia.

    There is suggestion that one may want to set their wifi home network to open to get their phone to connect if it doesn't automatically log itself on. Good luck everyone!!!
    01-31-2014 05:00 AM