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    Hi folks, new member & new to the Android platform, so naturally there are questions! The one that prompted my membership involves calendars. I have more than one Gmail account (one is shared with another individual) and would like to view both calendars on my RAZR in the main calendar. Is there a way to have my RAZR sync both? Right now I can only seem to get it to sync from my "main" Gmail account. I've hunted to see if this has been covered previously, but have been unable to find this specific topic addressed.

    Thanks much!
    05-08-2012 11:50 AM
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    sure.... go to MY ACCOUNTS app... you should already have 1 gmail listed (your main gmail which is used to log initially into the phone on day 1 of activation and used for Google Playstore and all RAZR google functions)...... now---click add account at the bottom.... click gmail.... add your gmail account... repeat this step until all gmail accounts are now listed.... now--click on each gmail account... a list of options will show up... like "sync contacts", sync calendar, sync picasa, etc.... make sure sync calendar is CHECKED... hit backspace to get to the previous account list... click on the next gmail account... make sure sync calendar is checked.... repeat this with all gmail accounts... reboot phone for good measure.. and walla...

    CALENDAR app will now show all calendar task events listed in all gmails synced.... anytime you go to Gmail Calendar and task on a PC at work or at home, google will auto-send (sync) that new info to your RAZR within seconds... a couple a minutes max if Verizon is running slow in your area.. lol

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    05-08-2012 12:39 PM
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    Thanks loads...thing is, I already did that & added the Gmail account and the only thing it would list for syncing is email. Go figure. Anyhow, I went back in, deleted the second account then added it as a Google account. Voila, that worked! It probably would have taken me ages to think to go through the "My Accounts" screen again as I was just running through email. Thanks again...loving the Droid and the OS.
    05-08-2012 02:33 PM