1. DroidXcon's Avatar
    So what are your favorite lyrics. Please keep them to one long Verse or two short ones.

    I remember one moment, I tried to forget
    I lost myself, is it better not said
    Now I'm closer to the edge

    It was a thousand to one
    And a million to two
    Time to go down in flames and I'm taking you
    Closer to the edge

    Closer to the edge, 30 seconds to mars
    01-15-2011 04:57 AM
  2. TheSolsticeBare#AC's Avatar
    My username reflects one of my favourite lyrics.

    "This side of the solstice bare where autumn shows its truthful air" - The Smashing Pumpkins, "Tom Tom"

    In response to those moments in life that drive you crazy.

    "Just fight, fight, fight - we've got to get the **** out of here." - Kill Hannah, "Escape Artistry"

    Just to name a few...
    01-30-2011 11:42 PM
  3. mzman's Avatar
    Here are some of my favorite lyrics and what song it is from:
    More than the words to show you feel
    What your love for me is real
    What would you say
    If my heart is turn in two
    - More than Word (West life)

    I think I'm fallen fallen
    In love with you
    Cause I don't I don't know what to do
    I think I'm fallen for you
    fallen for you
    - Fallen (Janno Gibs)
    04-06-2011 07:43 AM
  4. FreudSlipped's Avatar
    Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

    How I wish, how I wish you were here.
    We're just two lost souls
    Swimming in a fish bowl,
    Year after year,
    Running over the same old ground.
    What have we found?
    The same old fears.
    Wish you were here.
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    04-07-2011 10:43 AM
  5. DCooper323's Avatar
    A company
    Always on the run
    A destiny
    It's the rising sun
    I was born
    A shotgun in my hands
    Behind the gun
    I'll make my final stand

    And that's why they call me
    Bad Company
    I can't deny
    Bad Bad Company till the day I die
    Until the day I die
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    04-20-2011 08:32 AM
  6. FreudSlipped's Avatar
    So if you wake up with the sunrise
    and all your dreams are still as new
    and happiness is what you need so bad
    Well, girl, the answer lies with you

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    05-18-2011 12:17 AM
  7. Ricky Babalu's Avatar
    "Really love your Peaches, want to shake your tree"
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    05-24-2011 04:39 PM
  8. JStormz's Avatar
    "life's not a *****, she's a beautiful woman. You only call her a that 'cause she won't let you get that *****"
    07-11-2011 07:55 AM
  9. TvTechGuru's Avatar
    My favorite band is Evanescence, so anything from them I love! Here's some lyrics of a song from their new album that just came out.

    I've been believing in something so distant
    As if I was human
    And I've been denying this feeling of hopelessness
    In me, in me

    All the promises I made
    Just to let you down
    You believed in me, but I'm broken

    I have nothing left
    And all I feel is this cruel wanting

    We've been falling for all this time
    And now I'm lost in paradise

    "Lost in Paradise"
    11-02-2011 01:13 AM
  10. shaggybuck's Avatar
    Dr. Dre - Keep Their Heads Ringin'

    "I get plenty of a$$, so call me an astronaut"
    12-05-2011 02:02 PM
  11. Live2ride883's Avatar
    Sound of Silence

    Sorry I can't just pick this song apart and separate just a section of it. So instead I'll just post a link to the YouTube video with lyrics.

    02-03-2013 02:17 PM
  12. Live2ride883's Avatar
    I got something to say
    Yeah, it's better to burn out
    Yeah, than fade away

    Def Leppard - Rock of Ages

    Loved that album (Pyromania) so much I wore out two cassette tapes before it finally came out on CD.
    Also one of the best parts of the first Highlander movie.
    02-06-2013 12:21 AM
  13. ChrisT77's Avatar
    I really like this! it is one of my favorite. .

    If I give up on you I give up on me
    If we fight what's true, will we ever be?
    Even God himself and the faith I knew
    It shouldn't hold me back, shouldn't keep me from you

    Tease me by holding out your hand
    Then leave me or take me as I am
    And live our lives stigmatized, yeah

    Stigmatized by The Calling. .
    02-10-2013 08:34 PM
  14. TomStretton's Avatar
    You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe [x3]
    You a stupid hoe, (yeah) you a, you a stupid hoe
    You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (stupid, stupid)
    You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (you stupid, stupid)
    You a stupid hoe, you a, you a stupid hoe (you stupid, stupid)
    You a stupid hoe, (yeah) you a, you a stupid hoe (you stupid, stupid)
    02-18-2013 05:41 PM
  15. geekymcfly's Avatar
    With time the child draws in
    This whipping boy done wrong
    Deprived of all his thoughts
    The young man struggles on and on he's known
    A vow unto his own
    That never from this day
    His will they'll take away-eay

    The Unforgiven by Metallica

    All animals are equal but some are more equal than others
    03-22-2013 10:48 PM