1. Slazapuss's Avatar
    Ok so i followed the directions in this video

    Only problem is i dont have any ROM on my Sd card to flash to. I have clockwork mod but when i click install zip from SD card i have no ROM to flash to. Can someone please tell me step by step how to drag the ROM file onto my root SD card cuz i have no idea how
    05-21-2012 10:23 PM
  2. hawklet00's Avatar
    you need an external sd card for that, as in a micro sd card. once you have that, then download said rom onto the micro sd card, then boot the phone into recovery, and then install from sd card. dont forget to install the right gapps to your phone ( pay attention if youre using ics or gb, youll need the appropriate gapps version)
    07-05-2012 01:09 AM