1. natehoch96's Avatar
    Ok so for some reason my brothers myTouch 3G Slide, which we bought unlocked and just popped his SIM in, is getting data. His plan does not have a data plan but yesterday he started getting 3G while he was out. He was able to actually load web pages and utilize the data. When I went to check to see if we were getting charged for the data, however, we did not have any extra charges and his plan shows no data has been used. Anybody know what's going on? Thanks in advance.
    11-22-2011 06:00 PM
  2. androidmaster1's Avatar
    Give it about 24 to 48 hrs, than check the account for data usage. Some carriers by default, provide users with a pay as u use plan.

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    11-27-2011 12:50 AM
  3. ctuffy's Avatar
    You will be paying for the data useage. T-Mobile has a new data plan. T-Mobile, in my opinion, is ripping off it's non-data user customers by 'allowing' the user to pay for data as it is used. This is OK as long as they let the customer know ahead of time. I have their phone service for my grandson. He uses wifi but went out of range and T-Mobile's data kicked in. When I called about the charges they basically told me that I agreed to pay for the service by not disagreeing to use it. Since I'm locked in a contract I was stuck paying for the charges. As soon as the contract is up, I'll be putting him on my Verizon account. Say what you want about Verizon,in 15 years, I've never been treated this way by them.
    11-27-2011 06:33 PM