1. Gold526's Avatar
    I just upgraded from an HTC Aria to an HTC Inspire. I had a bunch of apps on my SD card, but when I put the SD card in my new phone, I can't seem to access the apps.
    I went to "Manage Apps", and "On SD Card", and nothing was there, although it does show about 1GB is used, 7GB free. Where are all my Apps and how do I get to them?
    12-28-2011 07:47 PM
  2. baseballfanz's Avatar
    When you move apps to sd card only a portion get moved. The rest like data still reside internally on your old device. So really can't move apps to a new device this way.
    If you're rooted you can use titanium backup, backup all your apps and data, move the backup files to the new device and restore using titanium backup. Also if you download these apps from market, it should restore
    if you use the same Google account on the new device.
    12-28-2011 07:58 PM
  3. Gold526's Avatar
    Not the answer I wanted to hear, but at least now I know.
    12-29-2011 05:53 PM
  4. srkmagnus's Avatar
    If you rooted the devices you probably could use apps2sd and move the entire app data onto the sd card and transfer to the new phone.
    12-29-2011 07:07 PM