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    I have been looking the last two nights for a solution for this, and I'm beginning to think one may not exist (yet) . . .

    I recently replaced my HTC EVO 4G with a Samsung Galaxy S3, and now that I have the extra phone lying around, I'd like to try to use it to stream audio from my S3 to my home stereo. Not just media on the phone, but any audio at all from any app (namely, Spotify and Pandora, hence why I want control on my S3 that I keep near me). Basically I want to turn my EVO into this, though I'd prefer to use WiFi over BT if possible (not sure how well the S3 would like streaming Spotify down and then to the EVO, though...).

    Or maybe my better option is to sell the EVO on eBay and use that to buy what I linked above, lol. Please advise, folks. Thanks!
    12-17-2012 07:49 PM

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