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    Hi, I'm new here (first post!), came here from Windows Phone forums. So mods please move/close my thread accordingly if this's the wrong forum

    Anyway, I was wondering if a Galaxy Nexus or a HTC One X is a better device, overall. Currently I have a HTC Windows Phone 8X, and I'm thinking of jumping ship over to Android.

    With the Galaxy Nexus, I'll be getting stock Android, which I think the UI is really nice, but its dual-core clock speed is the thing holding me back. The design is also really nice, and the most attractive thing is the LED indicator (rainbows, anyone!).

    The HTC One X has a decent design, better camera and most importantly, quad-core 1.7GHz Tegra 3.

    This will be my first Android phone, so I don't want to mess with all the rooting and stuff, and this will be the phone that either turns me into a Fandroid or Anti-droid.

    I mostly do web browsing with image-heavy sites, is the 1GB ram enough? My dad's S3 lags like crap with a 1GB ram. Should I hold off and wait till 2GB ram phones get cheaper (budget)?

    Also, I won't really be playing graphic intensive 3D games, but maybe a shooter or two.

    So if you guys don't mind, can you help clear my doubts and review your experience with either phone, if you have used them before? Thanks!
    03-03-2013 05:29 AM

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