1. Rasuchan's Avatar
    Good morning everyone!
    I just received my s4 on October 1st this month.
    I am enjoying it, but I have some questions and problems with it that I do not understand.

    First is, How come the Samsung Keyboard doesn't support Japanese? Is there going to be an update that would support Japanese keyboard(s)?

    Second is, I switched it to SWYPE, because it has the Japanese Keyboard, but when I sent a text that had Japanese hiragana, and kanji, my sister who received the text said I sent her a text with Question Marks only... How do I fix this?

    Thanks for reading, and all tips and answered will be appreciated!
    Have a marvelous day everyone!
    10-04-2013 11:15 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Unfortunately with these symbols if the recipient doesn't have the font or language support installed, it won't display the symbols correctly. That being said, my Samsung Keyboard does support Japanese... Go into Settings, Input Languages (update the list if you haven't) and scroll all the way to the bottom; that's where it is for my phone.
    10-04-2013 11:46 AM
  3. Rasuchan's Avatar
    I have it downloaded in my Samsung keyboard, but when I'm texting it doesn't show up...
    It only will swipe to ENGLISH or KOREAN on the samsung keyboard.
    I'll try again... but as for as I have seen the Japanese option is downloaded but it just won't pop up as an language option during text messaging....

    Okay.. so I checked and on the Samsung keyboard Languages it says "Updating" and it said "No new updates"
    And I scrolled all the way down and Japanese is not even an option.
    There's not Kanji for Japanese at the bottom. It's not even greyed out, it just doesn't exist.
    10-04-2013 12:28 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Have you tried changing the Alphabet on the keyboard settings? I don't have the Japanese language downloaded so I don't know if it enables anything besides the QWERTY layout. Also, if you have it downloaded onto your Samsung Keyboard, make sure it's enabled in language input. I believe it only lets you enable three languages...
    10-04-2013 01:16 PM
  5. Rasuchan's Avatar
    I tried the Alphabet. And the Samsung Keyboard doesn't even acknowledge the Japanese language. It only has Korean English, and everything else. It even has Mandarin Chinese, but no Japanese.
    Also for the Language input, right now I only have two set up.
    English, and Korean. But somehow Japanese is not even an option in the download for Samsung keyboard.
    10-04-2013 07:20 PM
  6. Mezasian's Avatar
    Hello, I had the exact same problem with the text message for the Japanese Language and I found a way to fix that!
    You can refer to the steps listed here and you should be good to send:
    Galaxy S4 日本語化をして気がついたこと (English Subtitle available) - Storyboard
    Hope that helped! がんばれ!
    12-15-2013 02:38 AM
  7. manal1979's Avatar
    I have a Samsung S4, I added 2 languages, but i cant swipe between it on the keyboard ( Space bar)and i already fixed it in settings menu. any help?
    zplanet likes this.
    04-07-2014 05:37 AM
  8. zplanet's Avatar
    i have the same problem - samsung keyboard on my S4 stopped to switch languages. and the problem started after i upgraded to 4.4.2 from 4.3.
    08-17-2014 03:30 PM
  9. seestonebat's Avatar
    I had the same problem and found that it was due to enabling lastpass in the accessibility settings. If you have any app enabled in accessibility, try disabling it and see if the problem goes away.
    08-23-2014 03:01 PM
  10. zplanet's Avatar
    thank you seestonebat! your advise is really helpful. The problem is after i disabled Greenify in accessibility setting.
    08-26-2014 10:13 AM
  11. Abuhamoodh's Avatar
    I also had the same problem but after disabling app in accessibility it was sorted out.
    06-01-2015 12:55 PM

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